Reactive dye color card page

Runlong Dyes is one of the largest manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of reactive dyes in China. We offer a wide range of reactive dye products and can also provide dye solutions for dye houses. At the same time, we can also analyze customer samples and customize the same dye for customers at a lower cost. We can also customize dyes for special needs, such as high sun exposure dyes.

Active DF/DDF Series

ColorNameDyeing depthDye strength
Yellow DF-3R2.0/
Red DF-3B2.0/
Navy DF2.0150%
Yellow DDF2.5/
Red DDF2.5/
Blue DDF2.5/

Active medium temperature low alkali CTA series

ColorNameDyeing depth
Yellow CTA2.0
Red CTA2.0
Navy CTA2.0

Active K-XF series

ColorNameDyeing depth
Yellow K-XF1.1
Red K-XF1.7
Blue K-XF1.7

Active CGB/CGBN series

ColorNameDyeing depth
Yellow CGB2.0
Red CGB2.0
Blue CGB2.0
Golden Yellow CGB2.0
Brill. Red CGB2.0
Navy CGB2.0
Super Yellow CGBN2.0
Super Red CGBN2.0
Super Navy CGBN2.0
Super Orange CGBN2.0
Super Carmine CGBN2.0
Super Black CGBN8.0

Active ED dark series

ColorNameDyeing depthDye strength
Yellow ED-3G3.0150%
Yellow ED3.0200%
Brill. Orange ED-2R3.0150%
Red ED-2B3.0200%
Red ED-4BN3.0/
Red ED-RN3.0200%
Brill. Blue ED-R3.0150%
Turg. Blue ED-G3.0200%

Active LC dark series

ColorNameDyeing depth
Yellow LC-3RN2.0
Orange LC-4RN2.0
Red LC-DR2.0
Scarlet LC-GN2.0
Red LC-3BN2.0
Dark Red LC-DB2.0
Navy LC-B4.0
Deep Blue LC-BR4.0

Active ECO series

Yellow 3RS(ECO)3.0150%
Black C-N(ECO)8.0/

Reactive conventional dyes

ColorNameDyeing depthDye strength
Brill. Yellow 5GN2.5/
Golden Yellow RNL3.0150%
Yellow 3RS3.0150%
Yellow NN3.0/
Brill. Orange F-2R3.0/
Brill. Orange 3R3.0/
Scarlet F-2G3.0/
Fluor. Scarlet GRF3.0/
Red F-2B3.0/
Brill. Red BB3.0150%
Brill. Red F-B3.0150%
Brill. Red 3BSN3.0150%
Red NN3.0/
Red RBN3.0133%
Red GWF conc3.0/
Carmine CB1.0/
Brill. Violet 7R2.0/
Violet 5R2.0/
Violet SRN2.0/
Grey CL2.0/
Turg. Blue G2.0133%
Turq. Blue G3.0266%
Brill. Blue GN3.0/
Diamond Blue BN5.0/
Brill. Blue Rs/P3.0100%
Brill. Blue KN-RXN3.0/
Brill. Blue BB3.0133%
Blue BRF3.0150%
Navy C-2GLN3.0/
Navy BF3.0/
Navy 3GF3.0/
Navy CF3.0/
Black B3.0150%
Black NN3.0/
Navy CK-BG4.0/
Navy GG3.0/
Black N3.0150%
Black KN-G2RC8.0/
Black GR8.0/
Black GWF8.0/
Black GSP8.0/
Black GSPN4.0/
Black GWFN4.0/
Black CK-H8.0/
Black CK-Q8.0/
Black CK-M8.0/
Black CK-N8.0/
Black CK-JQ6.0/
Black CK-2Q6.0/
Super Black H-R6.0/
Super Black H-G6.0/