Environmentally friendly dyes

Runlong Dyestuff is one of the largest manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of environmentally friendly dyes in China. We provide a variety of environmentally friendly dye products and can also provide dye solutions for dyeing plants.

EE Series ECO-friendly and Effective

● Eco-friedly, After normal dyeing, the fabric can match Oeko-Tex Standard 100 l ;
● Can be Used in Rapid Dyeing, Reduce the Energy Cost,improve the Effective Utilization Rate of Equipment;
● One Tone Dyeing and Migration, Insensitive to Temperatureand Time;
● Good Reproducibility, Excellent RFT.

ColorNameDyeing depthDye strength
Yellow EE0.5200%
Golden Yellow EE-GLE1.5200%
Yellow Brown EE0.6300%
Orange EE-3R2.0200%
Scarlet EE1.4200%
Red EE1.0200%
Rubine EE0.6300%
Blue EE0.8300%
Royal EE-RLF0.8300%
Gray EE1.5300%
Navy EE4.0300%
Black EE 4.0300%
Black EE-G4.0300%

Don’t have the dye you want?

If you don’t find the dye you want, you can contact us. Our dyes are very comprehensive. You just need to tell us your needs and we will help you quickly match the corresponding dye.
If you need to customize special dyes, Runlong Dyes can meet your needs. We can provide customers with special dye customization services.