Disperse dye manufacturers

Runlong Dyes is one of the top manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of disperse dyes in China. We offer a wide range of disperse dye products suitable for dyeing and printing on all types of cellulosic fibers. At the same time, we can also analyze customer samples and customize the same dye for customers at a lower cost. We can also customize dyes for special needs, such as high light fast dyes.

Conventional disperse dyes

● Complete Range of Varieties and Chromatogram;
● Simple and Economical Application;
● Good Dying Properties.

ColorNameThe index numberDye strength
Yellow SE-4GL/100%
Yellow SF-6G/200%
Yellow S-4GY211200%
Yellow 3GF/200%
Yellow E-3GY54200%
Yellow E-GL/200%
Gol.Yellow SE-RL/300%
Orange SF-2G/200%
Orange G-SFO73200%
Orange RSEO73:1300%
Orange S-4RLO30100%
Orange E-RLO25250%
Orange 2G-FSO44200%
Orange SE-3RLNO61200%
Yellow Brown OAN/200%
Brown S-2BL/100%
Scarlet S-3GFLR54100%
Scarlet H4G-FSR153:1200%
Scarlet GSR153200%
Scarlet S-RR74100%
Red SF-2G/200%
Scarlet BSR152200%
Red FRLR177200%
Red FBR60200%
Rubine GG-FS/200%
Red G-FS/200%
Red 3BR60100%
Br. Red F-3BSR343100%
Brill.Red SF-B/200%
Rubine S-5BLR167100%
Rubine SE-GFLR73200%
Rubine SE-2GF/200%
Red HBBLR82200%
Rubine SF-4BN/200%
Rubine RVGLR179200%
Violet CBV33200%
Violet 2RLV28200%
Violet RLV63200%
Violet BNLV93300%
Galactic Purple HFRN/100%
Turq. Blue S-GLB60200%
Turq. Blue S-GN/200%
Blue RLB291300%
Blue BLB291:1300%
Blue BBLSB165200%
Br. Blue 2BLNB56100%
Br. Blue BB/100%
Blue EB/300%
Blue 2B/300%
Br. Blue FBL/300%
Blue SE-2RB183:1100%
Blue SE-3RT/200%
Royal CREB366200%
Navy HGLB79200%
Navy HSF/300%
Navy EX-SF/300%
Navy HW-BG/300%
Gray N/100%
Gray S-BL/100%
Black S-2BL/100%
Black S-3BL/100%
Black HF-KBN/300%
Black EVST/300%
Black EX-SF (ECO)/300%
Black HW-BG/300%
Black S-PX/300%
Black HG-FS/200%
Black H/BL/300%
Black EX-NSF/300%
Black EX-SF/300%
Black ECT/300%
Black ECO/300%
Black LET/400%
Black LDB/400%
Black SRN/400%
Black PU//
Black DRD/400%
Black LRD//

Don’t have the dye you want?

If you don’t find the dye you want, you can contact us. Our dyes are very comprehensive. You just need to tell us your needs and we will help you quickly match the corresponding dye.
If you need to customize special dyes, Runlong Dyes can meet your needs. We can provide customers with special dye customization services.