Do we have solvent resistant high fastness dyes?



      Yes, you need to provide samples and original cloth

      We can conduct comparative analysis of dye samples and recommend similar original products

      Custom dyes can be made, but dye samples need to be provided for analysis first.

      We can assist factories with online inspections, find out the causes of abnormalities and give suggestions for improvement.

      During dyeing, when the dissolved dye molecules reach the fiber surface, they are adsorbed by the fiber surface and diffuse inside the fiber at high temperature. As the dye single molecules in the dye liquor are adsorbed, the dye particles in the dye liquor continue to The dye in the dispersant micelle is also continuously released, continuously providing more single-molecule dye, which is then adsorbed and diffused until the entire dyeing process is completed. This is the overall dyeing process of disperse dyes.