Acid dye manufacturers

Runlong Dyes is one of the largest acid dye manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in China. We offer a wide range of acid dye products and can also provide dye solutions for dye houses. At the same time, we can also analyze customer samples and customize the same dye for customers at a lower cost. We can also customize dyes for special needs, such as high sun exposure dyes.

Acid conventional dyes

ColorNameDyeing depthDye strength
Brill. Yellow 2GBrill. Yellow 2G1.0120%
Yellow GRYellow GR0.5200%
Yellow 4GLYellow 4GL1.0100%
Yellow GNYellow GN0.5150%
Yellow MRYellow MR0.5150%
Orange GSNOrange GSN1.5150%
Red GSRed GS0.8/
Scarlet MRLScarlet MRL0.8200%
Red FGRSRed FGRS1.0200%
Scarlet AFGSScarlet AFGS0.8200%
Scarlet FGSScarlet FGS0.8200%
Scarlet FGSNScarlet FGSN0.8200%
Red N-2BLRed N-2BL1.2/
Brill. Red A-BBrill. Red A-B1.0125%
Red BRed B1.0100%
Red 10BRed 10B0.8140%
Violet FBViolet FB1.2180%
Green AGSGreen AGS 1.0160%
Turquoise A-3GTurquoise A-3G1.5100%
Blue 2GBlue 2G 1.0160%
Blue 6BBlue 6B0.3350%
Blue A-2RBlue A-2R1.0200%
Blue DFSBlue DFS2.0/
Blue PA-BNBlue PA-BN2.0/
Blue AFNBlue AFN1.8200%
Brill. Blue GBrill. Blue G1.0360%
Navy 3RNavy 3R1.0100%
Grey A-BLGrey A-BL0.8/
Black BRBlack BR4.0150%

Don’t have the dye you want?

If you don’t find the dye you want, you can contact us. Our dyes are very comprehensive. You just need to tell us your needs and we will help you quickly match the corresponding dye.
If you need to customize special dyes, Runlong Dyes can meet your needs. We can provide customers with special dye customization services.