Disperse Yellow Brown EE300%

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    The Lonsen EE series, recognized as an outstanding dye product, earns widespread acclaim in the industry for its stellar performance. Its unique formula ensures excellence in normal dyeing processes, meeting the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ecological certification and offering a reliable environmentally friendly option.

    Securing the Intertek Chemical Ecological Certification for five consecutive years underscores the Lonsen EE series’ commitment to chemical safety and eco-friendliness. The series excels in the dyeing process with color synchronization and dye transfer synchronization characteristics, displaying resilience to changes in temperature and time, thereby ensuring production process stability and control.

    The versatile Lonsen EE series isn’t just for rapid dyeing; it boasts features like high exhaustion, high RFT (Rate of Fixation), and high reproducibility. This versatility positions the series as a robust choice for various applications, providing substantial support for innovation and superior performance in the textile industry. Whether for the high-end fashion market or daily necessities, the Lonsen EE series meets stringent requirements for dyeing quality and environmental certification, addressing user needs effectively.

    Product name Disperse Yellow EE300%
    Brand Runlong dye
    Color Dark powder
    Type Disperse dye
    Usage Textile printing and dyeing
    Strength 300%
    Product Weight 25kg/box
    Gross weight 26.2kg

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    Runlong Dye

    Dongguan Runlong Dyestuff Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan Runlong Dyes Co., Ltd. has 19 years of experience in supplying fabric dyes. Specializing in directly supplying fabric dyes such as disperse dyes, reactive dyes, cationic dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, and fabric printing and dyeing solutions to the printing and dyeing textile industry. The products are suitable for large-scale printing and dyeing factories and dyeing and finishing industries. Paper dyeing, handicraft dyeing, rubber dyeing, tie dyeing and other industries.

    Runlong Dyestuff owns a Vietnamese subsidiary, a Zhejiang Shangyu Haoyuan import and export subsidiary, and an Antarctic chemical trading subsidiary. is a dye manufacturer and basic chemical supporting services company.

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