Disperse blue 79

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    The NP series dyes can be regarded as upscale iterations of conventional disperse dyes, exhibiting all the attributes of conventional dispersants while meeting the stringent first-class export standards of the European Union’s Oeko-Tex certification. This series aligns seamlessly with the color, lightfastness, and strength characteristics inherent in traditional dispersions, offering a direct and expeditious replacement option.

    Notably, the NP series presents a comprehensive chromatographic spectrum, catering to diverse color-matching requirements of discerning customers. In essence, the NP series stands out as a conventional dispersion material imbued with environmental protection effects.

    From a technical standpoint, the NP series encapsulates the established properties of conventional dispersants, ensuring compatibility with existing dyeing processes. This affords textile manufacturers the convenience of a straightforward transition while enhancing their environmental stewardship. The series’ adherence to the Oeko-Tex first-class export standards underscores its commitment to meeting the highest ecological benchmarks, aligning with contemporary industry trends towards sustainable practices.

    Moreover, the NP series’ capacity to replicate the exact color, lightfastness, and strength attributes of conventional dispersions facilitates a seamless integration into existing production frameworks. This not only streamlines manufacturing processes but also positions the NP series as a pragmatic and eco-conscious choice for textile applications.

    In summary, the NP series represents a paradigm shift in conventional dispersion materials, seamlessly combining technical efficacy with environmental consciousness, and serving as a versatile solution for meeting diverse color requirements in the ever-evolving landscape of textile production.

    Product name Disperse blue 79
    Brand Runlong dye
    Color Dark powder
    Type Disperse dye
    Usage Textile printing and dyeing
    Strength 150%
    Product Weight 25kg/box
    Gross weight 26.2kg


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