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Acid Dyestuff
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Disperse dyes
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Reactive dyes
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Runlong Dye

Dongguan Runlong Dyes Co., Ltd. has 19 years of experience in supplying fabric dyes. Specializing in directly supplying fabric dyes such as disperse dyes, reactive dyes, cationic dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes and fabric printing and dyeing solutions to the printing and dyeing textile industry. The products are suitable for large-scale printing and dyeing factories and dyeing and finishing industries. Paper dyeing, handicraft dyeing, rubber dyeing, tie-dying and other industries.

Personalized service

Provide personalized services based on customer circumstances.

Dye customization

Providing customers with special dye customization services.

Exclusive laboratory

Professional laboratories monitor products in multiple dimensions.

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Enhance business services

Help textile factories solve dyeing problems in an all-round way

Technical support

Runlong Dyestuffs assigns dedicated technical engineers to each customer to solve their dyeing technical problems.

Free quality inspection

Runlong Dyestuff provides customers with free dye testing services from professional institutions. Welcome to consult.

Formula customization

Runlong Dyestuffs customizes exclusive dye formulas for customers based on their conditions.